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My Greater Intimacy meetup group

Greater Intimacy Meetup Group BoulderThis group supports you in achieving greater intimacy in your life. This is achieved through group discussion, guest presenters and experiential exercises. You will learn the skills needed to building stronger connections, be more vulnerable and create great relationships.

We meet bi-weekly in various Boulder locations to shift our thinking, feel safer in connection, listen to expert presenters and share what we’ve learned with others.

Ultimately we are strengthening our ability to bring our best to our connections so our relationships shine. All of our relationships will benefit, from Romantic partnerships to work relations and great friendships. This group and the skills you develop will benefit all areas of your life.

A $10 suggested donation at our meetings is appreciated and supports the growth of this group and work.

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My Therapy Groups in Boulder

Group: MEN SUPPORTING MEN ~ A key to unleashing your power and succeeding in the world ***Coming Soon***

Men Supporting Men: Group Therapy (Meets Wednesday Nights) It’s my strong belief that men need connection with other men to reach their full potential. Without male connections a man’s relationships, his work success and quality of life, will suffer. He may be blocked from achieving his relationship and professional dreams.

This group was created to bring men together. When men support one another they develop the strength to achieve their dreams and not be rocked by the world’s hardships. Without the support of other men, achievement of a man’s ideal life is difficult at best.

This group will give men two things: Access their masculine strength and the ability to open their hearts to the world’s storms. Both of these are developed when men are in supportive connections with other men. When a man is connected to his heart and his power he can move mountains. The world needs these men!

Connection with other good men is the first step.

This group meets Wednesday nights in Boulder, Co. from 6:30pm-8:30pm. It’s $50 to attend. It’s a small group, limited to 8 men.

Private Therapy: Here’s How I’ve Healed, Can It Help You?

Here’s what I’ve healed in myself & how I may be able to help you. SAFE INTIMACY ~ I can support you to feel safe when you experience intimacy so you don’t run from, or destroy it. I can help you to DEVELOP YOUR EMOTIONAL STRENGTH & resiliency so you don’t get overwhelmed by strong emotions. I can HELP YOU FEEL AGAIN when you’re shut down and can’t feel anything. I can support you to SPEAK YOUR TRUTH in your relationships. If you’re afraid of abandonment & rejection you’ll hide parts of yourself, this kills trust & intimacy. These are the things I have healed in myself and these are the areas I can help. I was also a neglected child, you can read more on that here…

Healing Childhood Neglect

Childhood neglect can wound you deeply and leave you with scars that never fully heal. Childhood neglect is a bit insidious, it’s not always perceived as abuse by our society and yet it is. The pain is the same and the life-long wounds just as damaging.
Imagine A Happy Puppy

Happy PuppyImagine a happy puppy, so excited that Mom or Dad are finally home, he rushes to the front door, tail wagging vigorously, Mom and Dad enter, look at him distractedly, pat him on the head and walk on by, they enter their office, get on the computer and shut the door. Its like they never even saw him…

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Embodied Authenticity

Feeling Your Feelings & Emotions


Move Forward ~ Growth Insights

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