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Healing Codependency Group

***New Group Forming ~ Monday Nights
Starts Dec 3rd***

Group goals: Discover your truth, set boundaries, stop people-pleasing, integrate your anger, don’t lose yourself in relationships and more…


Codependency is a relationship wound. It usually begins with our parents in our childhood household. For whatever reasons, we had to meet the needs of others first, while sacrificing our own needs. Intrinsic in codependency is this self-betrayal.

Codependent patterns ~ When you enter adult relationships you lose who you are, you morph into their world. You stop speaking your truth in order to meet their needs all while losing yourself and your sense of boundaries. This is most prevalent in intimate relationships.

Healing the wounds of codependency takes practice with safe people and accurate feedback. You have to discover your truth and put yourself first. Not easy, because uncomfortable sensations and emotions arise. You must sit with this discomfort while continuing to move forward. Skill building and repetition are the key.

This group will give you direction, a safe place to practice, feedback and guidance. It’s a key to healing the wounds of codependency and finally creating healthy relationships.

Learn more about the group and healing codependency here:

This group meets Tuesday nights in Boulder, Co. from 6:30pm-8:30pm. It’s about $46 to attend ($200 per month). It’s a small group, limited to 10 people. Contact me to learn if there are open spots and apply. (Monday night group starting soon!)

Private Therapy

Here’s How I’ve Healed, Can I Help You?

Here’s what I’ve healed in myself & how I may be able to help you.

SAFE INTIMACY ~ I can support you to feel safe when you experience intimacy so you don’t run from, or destroy it.

I’ve healed my self-betraying CODEPENDENT PATTERNS. Codependency destroys relationships, or at least makes them very unsatisfying. If you struggle with codependent patterns I can help.

I can help you to DEVELOP YOUR EMOTIONAL STRENGTH & resiliency so you don’t get overwhelmed by strong emotions.

I can HELP YOU FEEL AGAIN when you’re shut down and can’t feel anything.

I can support you to SPEAK YOUR TRUTH in your relationships. If you’re afraid of abandonment & rejection you’ll hide parts of yourself, this kills trust & intimacy.

These are the things I have healed in myself and these are the areas I can help. I was also a neglected child, you can read more on that here…

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